District News


The District Governor’s Citation recognizes and honors clubs that support our

strategic priorities that strengthens the Rotary movement and enhances the

value of our District. Clubs have almost a full Rotary year to achieve the

Citation goals. Achievements will be compared with membership figures as on

1st July 2020 and will be recognized with figures as on 31st May 2021.

  1. Membership development

Clubs must achieve a net increase in membership as per the following chart

Membership as on 1st July 2020

Membership net increase on 31st May 2021

Clubs with less than 20 members

35% .Should reach minimum 25%

Clubs between 20 and 35 members


Clubs above 35 members


Young members: At least 2 new members below the age of 40 years

Women members: At least 2 new lady members

Maintain at least 90 % retention in membership

2. The Rotary Foundation

a. Per capita contribution of $100 to the TRF

b. Should be a 100% giving club with a minimum contribution of 20 USD per member

.c. Should organize/take part in at least one Rotary Foundation program

3. Club administration

a. R I Club invoice payment before 30th September 2020 and 30th March 2021

b. District dues payment and Rotary news subscription for all membersbefore 31th August 2020

c. All club officials to be registered in ‘MY Rotary’ of www. Rotary.org

d. Club goals and achievements to be uploaded in Rotary club central

e. Monthly reports to be uploaded in District website by the 5th of every


f. Publish at least one club bulletin/ e- bulletin quarterly

g. Clubs must conduct a training program at the club level(COTS)

4. Service projects

a. Conduct at least 5 service projects in any of the 10 listed focus areas

b. Conduct at least 2 projects in each of the District projects ie. Youth,

Environment, Shelter

5. Public image

a. Have at least 1 project of the club appeared prominently in the

leading media with photograph

b. Install at least 1 new display image – hoardings, place name boards,

project signage etc

6. District Conference participation

District conference: Host zone ( Muvattupuzha) clubs must register

60% of their membership strength and Clubs in other Zones must

register at least 30% of their membership strength.


District News
MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT No.of new members added
  No. of members added below 40 years
  No. of lady members added
  No of members left
  No. of members at the end of the month
CLUB ADMINISTRATION No.of weekly meetings held
  No.of family meetings held
  No. of other meetings held
  RI dues payment-1st half/ 2nd half
  Dist dues payment-Yes / No
SERVICE  PROJECTS: Vocational Service   
  4 way test promotion
  vocational awards
  Vocational training centres
  Vocational visits
  Employment opportunity projects
  Skill development training programs
  Rotary Means Business
SERVICE  PROJECTS:Community service   
  Mega Medical Camps
  Dental care camps
  Eye Care projects
  Heart Care projects
  Kidney care projects
  Cancer Care programs
  Organ Donation
  Legal awareness and assistance
  Care for Special Children
   Geriatric Care projects
   Nectar of life
  Formation of  Rotary Community Corps
SERVICE  PROJECTS: International Service  
  Club flag exchanges 
  Club twinning programs
  Attendance at RI convention
  International friendship exchange
  No.of  candidate proposed for Youth exchange
  No.of  candidate proposed for Friendship exchange
  No.of youth exchange students hosted
  No.of Hoarding/Display in public places
  No.of Rotary clips in theatres
  No.of News paper ads/reports
  No.of Mass programs for public
  No.of Radio ads/programs
  No.of in social media programs
  No.of Events engaging corporates
  Global Grant Projects
  Annual Fund giving
  Polio fund giving
  PHF- No. added
  Major Donor- No. added
  PHS- No. added
  Directed gift- No. added
  AKS- No. added
  EREY- Yes/No
  Bequest society members- No. added
  Benefactors- No. added
  Peace scholarships- no of candidates
  Smart class rooms
  Computer labs
  Blood donation 
  Sports / talent promotion
  Youth festivals
  Career guidance 
  Student scholarship
  Drug abuse  
  Road safety  
  We share
  School adoption 
  Rotaract formation
  Interact formation
  RYLA events
  Waste management projects
  Water management projects
  Promotion of solar power
  Tree plantation
  Maintain green protocol programs
  Organic farming 
  Herbal gardens
  Pollution control – air, water, noise
  Improving living conditions
  safe drinking water projects like water tanks, purifiers,RO Plant
  Construction and renovation of  Toilets
  Construction and renovation of Hand washing area
  Menstrual Hygiene Management projects
Literacy :T-E-A-C-H  
  Teacher Support
  Adult Literacy
  Child Development
  Happy Schools
Health - Preventive (Project for Positive Health)  
  NCD Camps/Clinics
  Awareness programs:
  Advocacy  eg. Food labelling, avoiding junk food
Health -Curative  
  No. Medical camps
Disaster management programs  
CSR  No. of CSR funded projects

District News


                                                District 3201 Bye-Laws

Explanation of Document Numbering System Within the District Bye-laws, various elements of the documents are identified as follows:-


Article -01 Definition

Article -02 Officers

Article -03 District Leadership Plan

Article -04 District Committees

Article -05 Rotaract

Article -06 International Aid Projects

Article -07 District Meetings

Article -08 Protocol at District Meetings

Article -09 R. I. Letter- Head

Article -10 District Fund

Article -11 Selection of District Governor Nominee

Article -12 Procedure for selection of Nominating Committee for District Representative and alternate representative for future Council on Legislation.

Article -13 Procedure for Amendments

Note:- Any reference to one gender includes both genders


These bye-laws are being established by Rotary Clubs of Rotary International District (3201) to provide recommendations,guidelines and rules to strengthen the functioning of the district. Nothing in these bye-laws however shall be contrary to any recommendations, policy, definition or guidelines issued by the Board of Directors of Rotary International,or to the constitution and bye-laws of Rotary International as amended from time to time. These  byelaws will become effective from 1-7-2017

Article-1 Definition

Unless the context otherwise requires, words and phrases in these bye laws shall have the same meaning as provided in the RI Constitutional Documents.


The officers of the district shall include the following:

1. District Governor

Nominated by the District as herein provided, and elected at the Rotary International convention, he shall perform all duties and responsibilities as laid down in the bye-laws of Rotary International, and as delegated to him from time to time by the District Conference /District Assembly. He shall be ex-officio Chairman of all the District Committees.

2. District Governor Elect/Nominee

Nominated by the District as herein provided, he / she shall be ex-officio member of all the committees of the District, and shall be responsible for duties as may be delegated to him by the District Governor / District Conference / District Assembly.

3. District Secretary:

a) Appointment by the District Governor to serve during his term of office, the District Secretary must be a past president of a Rotary Club, and shall be responsible for maintaining the district records, the preparation and circulation of the minutes of the meetings of the College of Governors,and other meetings including the district Conference as directed by the District Governor.

b) The records maintained by him shall include:

i) Localities of clubs

ii) Bye-Laws as adopted by clubs

iii) Resolutions adopted at the District Conference

iv) Copies of the semi annual and annual reports of the District Governor

v) District Governor’s Monthly letters.

c) He shall pass on all the records to the succeeding governor within 15 days of the completion of office, that is, before July15.

04. District Chairman

The District Committee Leadership structure will be in line with the RI Guidelines and strategic plan.

The District Governor shall appoint a District Chairman for each Avenue of services to serve during his term of office.

The District Chairman shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of various committees constituted under each avenue of services. He shall be a past president with five years good standing in a Rotary Club. It is the prerogative of the Dist Governor to appoint/remove/change District Chairman or any other officer at any time.

05 District Treasurer

Appointed by the District Governor to serve during his term of Office, the District Treasurer shall be a Rotarian, preferably a Past President who is well versed in maintaining accounts. He shall be responsible for collection of District Dues, and for making payments authorized by the District Finance Committee.

06. College of Governors

a) The District Governor, DGE / DGN and past and present officers of Rotary International who are members of Rotary clubs in the District shall constitute the College of Governors with the District Governor as Chairman.

b) The College of Governors shall meet once every three months at a time and place fixed by the District Governor Who shall circulate the agenda well before the meeting, and shall serve as an Advisory Body to the District for the implementation of the programmes of Rotary.


Section 1

The District Governor shall administer the district by dividing the Clubs in the district to groups so that each of the groups have as far as possible equal number of Clubs as on July 1 and the Clubs in a group form a geographically Contiguous area.

Section 2

It is prerogative of the District Governor to appoint / remove/ Change Assistant Governor appointed at any time.

The Assistant Governor shall maintain close rapport with Governor, Chairman and key persons of various committees.

Section 3

To be eligible for appointment as Assistant Governor in any of the Zones, a Rotarian must fulfill the following. Requirements:-

a) He/ she has been a Rotarian in good standing in Clubs for at least five years and at least 2 years as active Past President (For a Rotarian who was a charter president of a Club this could be reduced to 1.5 years which includes.

Minimum period of six months as charter president)

b) He/She has served as President in a Rotary Club for a complete term (For a charter president a minimum of six Months as charter president)

C) He/she is not a Past District Governor, or District Governor Elect/Nominee

d) He/she has served on the District Committees for at least 2 full terms

e) He/She has the willingness to accept the responsibilities of Assistant Governor

Section 4 Role of Assistant Governor

Assistant governors are appointed by the governor-elect and are responsible for assisting the governor with respect to administration of designated clubs. Duties for assistant governors may include the following:

a) Meet with and assist the incoming club presidents to promote, implement, or review annually the Club Leadership Plan, discuss the clubs’ goals and review section 2.010.1 “Failure to Function” of this Code

b) Encourage clubs to enter and monitor their goals in Rotary Club Central

c) Visit each club regularly to discuss the club activities, resources, and opportunities

d) Assist club leaders in scheduling and planning for the governor’s official visit and attend each club assembly associated with the governor’s official visit

e) Assist in the development of district goals Rotary Code of Policies 65 January 2017

f) Keep the governor informed on progress of the clubs

g) Ensure that clubs update their membership regularly and pay their dues on time

h) Coordinate training at the club level with the appropriate district committee

i) Promote the District Leadership Plan, the Club Leadership Plan and all applicable RI online tools and resources

j) Advise the incoming governor on district committee selections

k) Attend and promote attendance at the district conference and other district and international meetings

l) Participate in district activities and attend all training seminars

m) Provide recommendations on future assistant governor and committee members

Section 5 Additional conditions in the District 3201 District Leadership Plan

a) The Assistant Governor shall not be eligible to selection of District Governor! District office during his year of appointment as Assistant Governor.

b) The Assistant Governor shall also not contest in any election process during the year of his appointment as Assistant Governor.

c) The Rotarian appointed as Assistant Governor shall have Maximum 3 terms with at least a gap of three years between two such appointments.

d) The District Governor! Incoming Governor shall not appoint any person as Assistant Governor who was a member of the Nominating Committee that selected the said District Governor! Incoming Governor.

e) The Assistant Governor shall not be eligible for selection as the Leader of the Group Study Exchange Team during his year of appointment as Assistant Governor.


Section 1:

The Governor-elect is responsible for appointing committee members to fill vacancies, appointing committee chairs and conducting planning meetings prior to the start of the year in office. Committees shall be appointed to address the following administrative functions:

Membership Attraction and Engagement

New Club Development


District Programs, including



Rotary Community Corps

Rotary Fellowships

Rotary Friendship Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

Public Image

District Conference

The Rotary Foundation

Convention Promotion

District Training

Service, including

Club Service

Community Service

International Service

New Generations (Youth) Service

Vocational Service


Member Benefit

Additional district committees may be appointed when they serve a specific function”.

Section 2

Every Committee shall work in accordance with the terms of reference defined separately.

Section 3

All committees constituted by the governor shall hold office till the end of the Rotary year concerned.

Section 4

From amongst these members the District Governor shall appoint a Chairman of the Committee for his year of service.

Section 5

The incoming District Governor should appoint the committee for his year latest by 30th April. The Committees shall submit their plans of action to him 15 days before the District Assembly where he shall unfold the plans for his year.

Section 6

The District Rotaract Representative shall be a member of the District Rotaract Committee during the tenure of office.


Section 1

Rotaract is an important part of Rotary activities and the District Rotaract Committee shall guide and coordinate all Rotaract activities as per policy of Rotary International.

Section 2

The District Rotaract Representative shall be selected as per guidelines issued by Rotary International from time to time, and will be a member of the District Rotaract Committee.

Section 3

Rotary Clubs are encouraged to help Rotaract activities, but are not obliged to provide funds for their projects. Rotaract Clubs should not solicit funds from Rotary Clubs or other Rotaract Clubs without the permission of the Rotary Club president at local level, and without the permission of the District Governor at the district level.

 Section 4

Past, Present and incoming R.I. Officers are encouraged to participate at District and Multiple District Rotaract Functions, provided these meetings have the written approval of the District Rotaract Committee and the District Governor.


Section 1

Clubs in the district are encouraged to participate in Rotary Foundation activities and World Community Service projects.

Section 2

Whenever a Rotary Club receives any aid in kind or funds for a particular project, from a club outside India, or from Rotary International / Rotary Foundation, the Secretary of the club shall immediately acknowledge the aid to the benefactors with copies to the District Governor, District Governor Elect. District Governor Nominee and the Chairman of the concerned district committee.

Section 3

When aid is in the form of financial aid, the funds will be kept in a separate bank account opened specifically for the particular project and the account shall be operated by the club secretary along with any one of the club president, treasurer and the chairman of the project.

Section 4

After receiving the aid, the club secretary shall prepare a quarterly progress report of the project along with a statement of income and expenditure, and send the same along with photographs of the project to the benefactors with copies to the District Governor, District Governor Elect, District Governor Nominee and the District chairman of the district committee. These reports will be sent from time to time till the project is completed. The reporting requirements specified by TRF and TRF (India) will have to be strictly adhered to by clubs whenever TRF funds are availed by the Club. The failure of a club to prepare and send these reports will be considered as a serious lapse on the part of the receiving club, and could be termed as misutilization of aid. In such an event the District Governor shall be free to take suitable action against the erring club / club officers.


The District Governor shall wherever possible preside over all District meetings and District Seminars and conduct them to promote the programmes of Rotary.


a) The order of precedence as approved by Rotary International and described in the Manual of Procedure shall be followed, along with the following additions:

(1) District Conference/ District Assembly/ Intercity Seminar Chairman

(2) Convener of the programme

(3) President of host club

 (4) Reception Committee Chairman

(5) District Chairman of the programme

(6) Secretary of the meeting

(7) Secretary of the Club

(8) Any other officer as may be approved by the District Governor.

b) The decision of the District Governor in observing protocol shall be final.


Except for the current, past and incoming officers of Rotary International, or those Rotarians who have been appointed by the R.I. President of the R.I. Board to serve Rotary International, no Rotarian even though serving as a club officer, or a District Committee Chairman shall use the Rotary International letter-head. The District Officers mentioned in Article II can, however, use District Letter-Head with Rotary emblem while communicating with Rotarians.


Section 1 A

District Fund shall be established to be used for purpose hereinafter mentioned, and administered as per provisions contained herein. The District Fund shall be used for the following purposes:

a) To meet the cost of the Group Study Exchange programme in the district to the extent as provided in the District Budget after considering the subsidy amount to be received from Rotary Foundation.

b) To contribute towards the Presidents- elect and Secretaries- elect Training Seminar.

c) To meet part of the expenses on training and orientation of the District Rotaract Representative as per recommendations of Rotary International.

d) To meet any other expenses as may be provided in the budget as approved by the District Finance Committee.

Section 2 Administration of the District Fund

a) The District fund shall be managed by the District Finance Committee constituted by the District Governor as per the provisions of Rotary Manual of Procedure.

b) The District Treasurer shall be responsible for the day to day operation of the accounts. He shall maintain books and records of the District Fund (he shall present the status of expenses for each item as compared to the budgeted amounts reflecting variances, if any, at each meeting of the District Finance Committee.

c) The incoming District Governor shall prepare an estimate of the income for District Fund based on per capita District dues and the proposed expenses against it in the form of a District Budget which shall be mailed to all incoming club presidents at least four weeks before the “PETS/District Assembly so that the clubs may discuss the same before formal presentation of the same at the “PETS”/District Assembly for approval or amendment. If agreed by 3/4 of incoming Presidents, present at the above meeting, OR BY THE DISTRICT CONFERENCE BY A MAJORITY OF THE ELECTORS PRESENTAND VOTING.

The District Budget shall become effective from the following July 1.

d) In the event of the District Budget not getting the approval of the incoming club presidents, the District Budget shall be referred to the District Finance Committee for consideration, and presentation to the incoming club presidents in whatever way they consider appropriate and have the Budget approved by a majority of clubs by June 30.

e) The District Finance Committee shall open or terminate accounts in banks. The authorized signatories for all such bank accounts shall be the District Treasurer along with the District Governor, or any one of the members of the District Finance Committee.

f) The District Treasurer shall make all payments as approved by the District Governor. However, if there is any variance between the expense and the budgeted amount, the same shall be immediately referred to the District Governor, and to the District Finance Committee who may at their discretion approve the variances.

g) The District Finance Committee shall appoint an Auditor with the approval of the District Governor who may preferably be a Rotarian from within the district, at the time of adoption of the district Budget at the District Assembly.

h) At the end of the Rotary year, the outgoing District Governor and the District Treasurer shall compile the accounts, and present the same for review to the District Finance Committee latest by 30th September. Within two weeks the District Finance Committee shall return the same to District Governor along with their report. The District Governor shall send a copy of the same along with the report of the District Finance Committee to every club in the district latest by 31 October. These accounts shall be presented for consideration and adoption at the succeeding District Conference.

Section 3 District Dues

Every Club in the District shall contribute per capita dues for every member at a rate as approved by the district in accordance with the RI Bye Law 16.060.2 which is reproduced below:

The District Fund shall be financed by all clubs in the district by way of a per capita levy on the members of those clubs. The amount of the levy shall be decided by (a) the district training assembly after the approval of three-fourths of incoming club presidents present, provided that where a president-elect is excused from attending the districttraining assembly by the governor-elect in accordance with article 13, section 5(c) of the standard club constitution,the designated representative of the president-elect shall be entitled to vote in the president-elect’s place, or, at the option of the district, (b) the district conference by a majority of the electors present and voting, or (c) at the option of the district, the district presidents-elect training seminar after the approval of three-fourths of the incoming club presidents present, provided that where a president-elect is excused from attending by the governor-elect in accordance with article 13, section 5(c) of the standard club constitution, the designated representative of the president-elect shall be entitled to vote in the president-elect’s place.

Section 4 Collection of Funds at District and Club level

a) At the District level and at the Club level a separate account has to be maintained for the Funds Collected indicating details of collection and usage of funds. An audit of these accounts should be conducted. As and when these details are required by the District Governor and District Finance Committee these details are to be furnished by the concerned Club or District Functionaries.

b) In the event of the District Governor and the District Finance Committee not being satisfied for any cause whatsoever, it is free to make suitable recommendations to the concerned Club or the District. Section 5 Collection of funds by District Governor or District Governor Elect I District Governor Nominee Any Funds, other than those which are a part of the District Fund, which are collected by the District Governor or District Governor - Elect I District Governor Nominee for any Rotary cause whatsoever, shall be duly accounted for, and details provided to the District Finance Committee, and duly included in the District Fund account


1. District 3201 shall select its Governor-Nominee at the District Conference by Direct Voting Procedure by clubs as

provided in Section 14.020.13 read together with Sections 14.030 and 14.040 of the RI Bylaws or e-voting as admissible by the RI bye laws and the following additions :

2. a) Two or more candidates

Where there are two or more candidates, the governor shall notify all clubs in the district of the name and qualifications of each such candidate and that the governor-nominee will be selected through Direct Voting Procedure at the District Conference or e-voting as admissible by the RI bye laws.

b) Direct Voting Specifications

Voting shall be by secret ballot. Every ballot shall be signed by all members of the balloting committee and validated

by them, as well as the candidates or their representatives, before it is given to the elector. Votes cast shall be deposited in the sealed Ballot box. The Ballot box shall be opened only in the presence of the candidates or their representatives.

c) Balloting Committee Structure

The Balloting Committee shall be headed by the senior most and willing Past District Governor who has not chaired a Balloting Committee earlier. The second member shall be randomly selected by lot from the group of seniors most  and willing Past Assistant Governors. The third member shall be randomly selected by lot from the group of seniors most and willing Past Presidents. No member of the Balloting Committee shall have been a member of a Balloting Committee during the previous 10 years.

d) List of Eligible Clubs

The details of the Balloting Committee and a list of votes of all eligible clubs shall be notified by the Governor to all clubs in the district at least 30 days before the District Conference.”




All the members of College of Governors shall constitute the Nominating Committee for District Representative and Alternate Representative for Council On Legislation in the future following the Council On Legislation 2010. The names shall be presented to the delegates for their approval at the appropriate District Conference.


Section 1

With the change in the Rotary International Constitution and Bye-Laws, these Bye-laws may be considered automatically amended to conform with them.

Section 2

These Bye-laws may be amended at the District Conference by a majority of electors present and voting, or in special  circumstances when such amendments are submitted for approval by ballot by mail.

Section 3

Amendments to these bye-laws may be proposed by a club in good standing by a resolution adopted at a regular meeting of the club or by the College of Governors, and shall be submitted in writing, certified by the club secretary or the district secretary, so as to reach the District Governor forty five days before the District Conference or District Assembly as required.

Section 4

The District Governor shall mail such proposed amendments to the Secretary! Secretary elect and the President elect of each club in the district, thirty days before the District Conference or the District Assembly as required.

Section 5

In the event of an emergent need for making an amendments as shall be verified by the College of Governors, or by one-third of the electors present, the proposed amendments shall be circulated on the first day of the District Conference.

Section 6

Voting on the amendments shall be restricted to electors, or Presidents— elect and Secretaries elect or in case of ballot by mail, to the clubs.


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